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As well as editing, many people at Wikibooks do cleanup. Any user can do most of these things, not just administrators. Cleanup work is important to keep Wikibooks good. Please, help us make Wikibooks a better project!


Category:Wikibooks cleanup contains categorized list of all pages needing some work.

Page transwikis and deletions

Read the deletion rule first. If you are not an admin, use {{delete|reason}}.

Organize Books

For these tasks, see Wikibooks:CCO Resources.

Fix pages
Recent-changes patrolling
  • Upload log - check if new images are not copyright violations, use {{copyvio|URL}}. If you find image without source or license, useTemplate:Tlxs. For invalid fair use claims, use Template:Tlxs. For fair use claims without a rationale, use Template:Tlxs. Make sure you notify uploaders; appropriate code is given on the aforementioned templates.
  • New pages - check for very short pages, use {{delete}} to mark nonsense, vandalism, and spam for deletion.
  • Recent changes of anonymous users - first place to look for spam and vandalism. If you find good edits by anonymous users, add {{anon}} or {{joinus}} to their talk pages to encourage them to create accounts here.
  • Newbies contributions - verify edits by new users, insert {{welcome}} to welcome them (we don't add welcome text to users without any edits).
  • Unused files Look for duplicates, nonsense and copyright violations