Wikibooks:Requests for deletion


Request a page for deletion here and an administrator will delete it if other people think it is a good idea. Please read the Deletion rule before adding a request here. Old requests are listed on the old requests page.

To request that a page is deleted, there are three steps to follow:

  1. Put an {{RFD}} tag at the top of the page you want to be deleted
  2. Create a new page called Wikibooks:Requests for deletion/the name of the page you want deleted, saying why it should be deleted.
  3. Put the name of the page where you have listed the reasons to delete the article at the top of the list in the "Requests" section on this page, in double curly brackets like this: {{page name}}.

So if you wanted to suggest that the Main Page is deleted, you would create a page called Wikibooks:Requests for deletion/Main Page, and then put {{Wikibooks:Requests for deletion/Main Page}} in this list on this page.