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Wikibooks is a place for open content textbooks. This site is a wiki, meaning that anyone, including you, can edit any book module. Just click on the change this page link near the top of each Wikibooks module.

The project is still small, but we hope to grow like our sister project, Simple English Wikipedia, while keeping a high quality.

Simple English Wikibooks started on 25 July 2004, and there are 330 pages on the site now (More statistics...).

The pages of Simple English Wikibooks are covered by the GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License). Editors here keep the rights to their edits, while the copyleft license makes the the version here and things made from it always free to share and copy. See Wikibooks copyright for more information.

Note: To teach students correctly in some areas (especially medicine), some Wikibooks have content that some users think is bad or not acceptable. See the content disclaimer for more information.

More about Wikibooks

  • Welcome - Basic information for new visitors and how to use the site
  • Wikimedia Foundation, a Wikipedia article about the organization that controls Wikibooks.

Exploring Wikibooks

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Getting in touch

  • IRC channels - the fastest way to contact other Wikibookians
  • Wikibooks mailing lists
  • Meta, a site that works alongside the main Wikibooks project. Here you can post essays and discussions about topics related to Wikibooks.

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