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Cromwellt got a BA in English and Religion from a private university in Texas on 8 May 2005. He enjoys English, with a particular emphasis on proofreading, and also enjoys classic literature (especially American and British), with some SF and Fantasy thrown in. He loves books! He has been mainly working on the English Wikibook, trying to get it into shape and make it into something useful. As English was his major in college, he feels relatively qualified to write the simple explanations necessary for that Wikibook. He is also interested in a wide variety of other topics, and looks forward to helping with many others.

Cromwell is currently serving as a teacher of English at a private university in Chiapas, Mexico. He loves travel, and would like to teach English in many other countries. He also enjoys languages. He knows Spanish well and is learning German. He just copied a big chunk of templates from Meta so that the new user language templates work. Now it is just a question of copying the templates themselves.

For a list of the projects he is involved in, see his userpage matrix.

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