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Hey there, I'm Bluegoblin7 ( talk |  email |  contribs | logs) here at the Simple English Wikipedia, and at all other Wikimedia Foundation projects. I've been involved with Wikimedia since February 2007, originally at the English Wikipedia, and now at many wikis: my account is currently unified on 30 project sites. I would call my home wiki either this, the Simple English Wikipedia, or the normal English Wikipedia. Since getting involved with Wikipedia, I have also become involved with several other wikis, including Train Spotting World, ScoutWiki and a community hosting service, Portal Hosting.

You can get in touch with me through a number of different methods. My talk page is available to take messages, but please feel free to use e-mail for sensitive issues.

Alternatively, you can find me on IRC under the nickname Bluegoblin7 in most major Wikipedia channels; feel free to drop a /msg.

I try and help people if they need it, as long as they are civil. I also revert vandalism and other things. In the past, I myself have not been too civil, but I now hope I have changed for the better!

Here at Simple, my work so far has mainly involved getting the Did you know? area up and running, along with help from other editors. My next aim is to rekindle interest in WikiProjects, and also get some Portals running. Throughout all this I will also do vandal fighting and article writing, and my aim is to become an administrator.

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