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An adjective is a word that describes a noun in a sentence. In short, it is a describing word.

Adjectives come in many types, including:

  • Adjectives of quality, for example, "It is a good thing".
  • Adjectives of size, for example, "The elephant is a huge animal."
  • Adjectives of color, for example, "Look at the red rose."

Adjectives in English always come before the noun - "a big house", not "a house big". Adjectives are always the same and never change for plural - :3 big houses", not 3 "bigs houses".

Many regular adjectives (and adverbs) can be compared.

In addition to regular adjectives, there are two other types:

You may learn about these types of adjectives, go back to the last section about verbs, or go on to the next section about adverbs.