This is the How to Start a Diary wikibook. It has instructions and tips for starting your very own diary or personal journal.


How do you start writing your diary? Well, first you will need an empty book or notebook. You can find one at most bookstores, stationery stores, or arts and crafts stores. Choose one you like!

Next you have to start writing! You have to set aside time every day or two to write in your diary. Usually a good time to write is just before you go to bed. When you're starting out, start small. Write just half a page. Think about what you did during the day, if you saw anything interesting, if something good happened to you, or if you thought about something a lot. Write it down.


Make sure to put the date every time you start writing in your diary. It will help you remember how long you have been keeping the diary when you look back through it.