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How to edit

Editing a Wikibooks page is easy. Click on "change this page" at the top of any Wikibooks page or "change" at the beginning of a section. This will open a new page with a box. In that box there is usually the text from the page, which you can change in the box. If you want to test things, please do that in the Sandbox, not here. When you have finished making the changes you want to make, you should write a description of your changes in the summary box at the bottom of the box where you edit. Then press Show preview to see how your changes will look. You can also see the differences between how the page was and how you are changing it by using the Show changes button. Once you decide that the changes are the way you want them, press Save page. Your changes will be made fast. You can also talk about a page with other users on talk pages. To go to the talk page, click on "talk" at the top of the page, and it will open a new page. If others have already talked, you will see what they said. If no one else has talked, you will see an empty box where you can write your comment. Please sign your comments on talk pages using four tildes, like this: ~~~~. Do NOT sign your changes to Wikibook pages.

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