To play War, one must have all the cards of a deck including the jokers. War is usually played with two players, although it is possible to include more players in your game.


The goal of War is to end up with all of the cards in the deck. You lose the game when you have no more cards left.


At the beginning of the game, you shuffle the deck and deal out the cards until all of the players have the same amount of cards.


Each player takes their cards and holds them in their hands FACE DOWN - you are not allowed to look at the cards. Then, when all the players are ready, they take one card from the top of their face-down deck, and place it face up in front of them. The player with the highest card takes all the other cards and places them all in his discard pile (each player can start their own discard pile in front of the on the table; the cards in it can either be face up or down). Each time a player runs out of cards in his/her hand, the player shuffles the cards in the discard pile and turns the shuffled discard pile into his new hand. This process is repeated until there is only one player left because that player has won all of the other cards in the deck.

Special Rules

When all of the players put down the same card at the same time(player A and player B both put down an 8), then there is a special rule called WAR. In WAR, both players immediately take three cards from the top of their hand, and place them FACE DOWN (without looking at them) on the table. Then, on the count of three, all the players place one card from the top of their hand FACE UP on the table. The player who put down the highest card gets all of the cards on the table (the ones from the beginning of the War, the 3 face down ones from the middle, and the final one from the end). If all players put down the same card for their final face up card, then the process of War is repeated on top of the earlier War.